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The Best Apps for Toddlers

Screen time – two words we hear a lot about now. I think it’s one of the biggest challenges our generation faces when it comes to raising our kids. If you’re a parent raising a child in today’s world, then you’ve most likely had to come up with some set of rules regarding your kid’s screen time. As far as screen time rules go in my house, I consider myself pretty liberal in that department. That wasn’t how I envisioned it, though, before I became a mom. Before my first daughter was born, I swore that I wouldn’t let her …

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Easy Rainbow Art Project for Preschoolers

Living in Southern California, we’re used to playing outside a lot more often than we’ve been able to recently. Lately, we’ve had lots of rainy days which has left me trying to think of fun projects for my oldest daughter to do. She’s recently been very into coloring and painting. She loves doing creative art projects so somehow, I had this idea to make a rainbow out of tissue paper on some canvas I had laying around. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out (or how difficult it would be for my daughter), but it both came out beautifully and …

It's been a while since I sat down to write! I thought I would start off the year by introducing myself and sharing some fun, random facts about myself. Let's get to know each other! :) Facts About Myself | Random Facts About Myself | Life as a SAHM | Facts About This SAHM
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30 Fun Facts About Myself

Wow! It’s been a while since I sat down to write! I wanted to jump back in by introducing myself, both to my new readers and also to my existing readers. I thought it would be fun to share some things about myself that you may or may not know, so here we go! 30 Fun Facts About Myself: 1.) I live in flip-flops all year, or I’m barefoot. I hate wearing high heels or shoes. 2.) My wedding dress cost less than $90. I actually bought a traditional dress at a David’s Bridal shop, and then couldn’t bring myself …

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A Fun and Easy Outdoor Toddler Activity

Once my second daughter was born, I really depended on toys and activities that would entertain her for longer periods of time while I took care of the baby. The early days were rough! Trying to juggle a newborn and a toddler was extremely difficult for me. My oldest quickly learned that she wouldn’t have me to herself as much and would need to figure out how to play more independently.  One activity she’s always loved is coloring outside with chalk. We have a cement backyard so she has a huge canvas. 😊 One day, she came up with a …

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The Absolute Coolest Christmas Gifts for Teens in 2018

Awesome Christmas Gifts for Teens (that they actually want!) Teens can be one of the hardest age groups to buy a gift for. Personally, I’m horrible at buying gifts for all ages. I’m just not very creative and always overthink everything involved with buying the present, so I usually don’t end up getting the person anything. It’s not a fun problem to have so I am doing my research early this year! I have some teenagers to buy gifts for and wanted to find out what’s popular at the moment. After gathering some info, I put together a list of …

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How To Throw a Stress-Free Kid’s Birthday Party

HOW TO THROW A STRESS FREE KID’S BIRTHDAY PARTY My oldest daughter turns four in two months, which means that we’ve been through three children’s birthday parties so far – and by parties, I mean events. My in-laws have hosted all of them and don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely grateful for this. However, they do parties BIG. My husband has a large family and the parties are just different than the parties I had growing up. We didn’t have a ton of games or bouncers, the guest list was always just a few close friends and family (20-30 people …

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How to Get Through Those Bad Mom Days

How to Get Through Those “Bad Mom” Days We’ve all had them. The days where we feel like all we do is yell at our kids, where we don’t spend any time playing with them, where we snap and take out our own frustrations on them and truthfully, days where we just don’t appreciate them as much as we normally do. The days where we feel like a bad mom. I’m definitely not saying that we are bad moms, but I think we can all agree that some days are better than others. I’m slowly learning this is just a …

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How to Get Baby to Sleep (and Stay Asleep)

How to Get Baby to Sleep – Our Baby’s Bedtime Routine Putting a little one down can be challenging, am I right? Some babies just seem to naturally know how and when to sleep, and the others – well, they need a little more help. My first daughter had no trouble going to sleep on her own and at three months, she was already sleeping through the night. If you’ve been following my blog, you already know that everything just seemed a little easier with my oldest. My second daughter is a bit more challenging. It took us a long …

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Teething Remedies That Actually Help My Baby

Let’s talk teething. **Any Amazon links are affiliate links** I used to hear parents talk about how hard it is when your baby is teething, but I had no clue. My first daughter never seemed to have teething symptoms. At most, she was fussy here and there, but nothing compared to my second daughter. Now – I know. I know what those other parents were talking about. Teething causes your baby some serious pain and discomfort at times and the worst part is, you never know when they will feel okay and when they will feel the pain. It seems …