Meghan, Mother of Two and Expert on Family Recipes

Hi, I’m Meghan, the mom behind Electric Mommy! Hoping to be your new BFF in the kitchen. 🙂

For the past ten years, I’ve studied the world of food and nutrition, constantly learning and experimenting in the kitchen. This journey began not just out of a curiosity for cooking, but as a mission to provide my family with healthy meals that are not only delicious, but also wholesome.

As a mom who’s navigating the challenging yet rewarding landscape of motherhood, I understand the daily stress and the importance of meals that are not only quick and easy, but also packed with nutrition. In the early days of learning how to cook, clear instructions were incredibly important, which is why all of mine contain the same. Whether you’re just getting started in the kitchen, or you already know you’re way around, these recipes are for everyone.

Whether you’re seeking a quick family dinner idea, tips on navigating the challenges of parenthood, or a comforting recipe to brighten your day, Electric Mommy is your go-to source for all things delicious and family-oriented.

Cheers to good food, happy families, and the vibrant chaos that makes life so deliciously beautiful!

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Feel free to reach out to me about anything! My email is: [email protected].

Meghan – Electric Mommy