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To the Struggling Mom Having More Bad Days than Good

To the Mom Who's Having More Bad Days than Good

To the struggling mom who finds herself thinking, “this mom thing is way harder than I thought,” I’m right there with you. I am having way more bad days than good ones lately and to be completely honest, I have some days where I wish I could just stop being a mom for a while. This is not a post where I share all the answers about how to get through the bad days. (Although I do share some reminders at the end of this post that help me a little on those days.) I wish I had those answers …

Breastfeeding vs Formula - Why I'm Choosing to Formula Feed My Second Baby Follow Up Post
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UPDATE: Breastfeeding vs Formula Feeding – Why I’m Choosing to Formula Feed My Second Baby

Breastfeeding vs Formula Feeding **Follow Up Post – How Me and Baby Are Doing Five Months into Only Formula Feeding** I want to start by saying thank you so much to all of you that read my post, Breastfeeding vs Formula Feeding – Why I’m Choosing to Formula Feed My Second Baby. Especially thanks to all of you who left comments and shared your own stories and experiences. It means a lot to me and I have felt nothing but support from all of you! I wrote that post before my baby was born and since then, I’ve received several …

My Real Life Stay At Home Mom Schedule with Toddler and a Baby, Motherhood, Pregnancy, Mom Life, SAHM
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My Real Life Stay At Home Mom Schedule

My Real Life Stay At Home Mom Schedule with a Toddler and a Newborn Are you a stay at home mom who wonders how other stay at home moms manage their day? I am too! I’m mostly curious to see if there’s anything I can learn from other moms to help my day go a little smoother because, let’s be honest, the days can feel REALLY long sometimes. Most days end with me counting down the minutes until my husband gets home. However, there are good days too! Days that go better than others and I’ve found that those are …

Top Five Toys to Keep My Toddler Busy, Kid Activities, Screen free play
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The Top Five Educational Toys That Keep My Toddler Busy

My toddler is having to learn how to play on her own these days while some of my time is spent taking care of the baby. Here, I share with you our five favorite toys that not only keep her busy for longer periods of time, but are educational as well! (This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on one of the product links, I may earn a small commission from your purchase. However, this in no way affected my recommendation of these products. These truly are the toys that are saving my life as a stay-at-home …

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How a Little Goes a Long Way (An Important Lesson I Learned from My Toddler)

I remember the days before my first daughter was born when I’d be out at a restaurant and see a family at a table with their kids glued to a phone or tablet and I found myself judging them. How can that be good for them? Shouldn’t the dinner table, at the very least, be free from electronics? I remember many occasions where I vowed that when I had children, they would not be allowed on phones or tablets until an older age. I would find alternative ways of playing with them and teaching them. We would sing songs and …