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How to Get Through Those Bad Mom Days

How to Get Through Those “Bad Mom” Days We’ve all had them. The days where we feel like all we do is yell at our kids, where we don’t spend any time playing with them, where we snap and take out our own frustrations on them and truthfully, days where we just don’t appreciate them as much as we normally do. The days where we feel like a bad mom. I’m definitely not saying that we are bad moms, but I think we can all agree that some days are better than others. I’m slowly learning this is just a …

To the Mom Who's Having More Bad Days than Good
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To the Struggling Mom Having More Bad Days than Good

To the struggling mom who finds herself thinking, “this mom thing is way harder than I thought,” I’m right there with you. I am having way more bad days than good ones lately and to be completely honest, I have some days where I wish I could just stop being a mom for a while. This is not a post where I share all the answers about how to get through the bad days. (Although I do share some reminders at the end of this post that help me a little on those days.) I wish I had those answers …

A Letter to My Husband - I Couldn't Do This Without You | Parenting | Postpartum Depression | Pregnancy | Motherhood
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A Letter to My Husband – I Couldn’t Do This Without You

These first couple of months adjusting to life with a newborn and a toddler have been beyond challenging for me. I slipped into severe depression almost immediately after we brought our second daughter home from the hospital, and it lasted about five weeks. My husband took on more than he should’ve had to. I wanted to write him this letter to make sure he knows that what he does for me and our girls doesn’t go unnoticed. To My Best Friend, I remember being in the operating room, when they were performing the C-section on me to deliver our first …