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Our Weekend in Phoenix

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To say my mom and I are close would be an understatement. She is more than my mom, she is my best friend and someone I can count on for anything. We have always lived within twenty minutes of each other so when a year ago, she decided to move to Phoenix, AZ, it was tough news to hear. She decided to make the move to be with her new husband. A part of me was extremely happy for her to have found someone that made her happy and that loved her in return. Growing up, she was a single …

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The Ultimate List of Things to Do in Las Vegas with Kids

My husband and I have been going to Las Vegas together regularly for about the last five years. In fact, when we first started dating, we were at a coworker’s party when he spontaneously asked me if I wanted to leave and go with him to Vegas for the weekend. It took me about five seconds to say “yes, let’s do it!” It’s safe to say that we both love Sin City and up until now, it’s been a favorite place for us to go for the weekend to get away and have some adult fun. However, with a two …