One Pan Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Skillet

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This one pan dinner recipe couldn’t get any easier! Mexican dishes are my favorite and this is no exception.

If you are familiar with the Mexican dish chilaquiles, then you’ll notice that this is a version of that dish but I choose to add chicken to mine. There are lots of ways you can switch this up but here is how we like them.

In my version, I use a Mexican tomato sauce called El Pato sauce. I love it! I use it in lots of recipes. It has so much more spice and flavor than regular tomato sauce. However, I know that it can be too spicy for some people. If you don’t like spice at all, then I suggest using regular tomato sauce for this recipe instead of El Pato sauce.

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First, you start by cutting up some corn tortillas and throwing them in the skillet with a little oil over medium-high heat. Once they start to get crispy and golden brown, turn down the heat a bit and carefully add in your El Pato sauce (or regular tomato sauce if the El Pato sauce is too spicy).

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Toss the tortillas with the sauce so that all the tortilla pieces are evenly coated.

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Then, add in the chicken and some cheese. Toss everything together until the cheese has melted. Serve immediately and add your toppings of choice. We love adding sour cream, cilantro or avocados.

* You could easily make this a vegetarian version by adding black beans for some protein instead of chicken and your vegetables of choice. You can also make a breakfast version by adding in eggs instead of chicken. There’s lots of ways you can mix this up! I love to add vegetables when I have them on hand because it’s another great recipe to sneak them into. My family is very picky when it comes to veggies but the sauce and cheese hide them well in this.

That’s it! Wasn’t that easy? If you make this, let me know what you think!

One Pan Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Skillet

An easy, one pan meal that is full of flavor! 

Course Dinner, Main Course, One Pan
Cuisine Chicken, Enchiladas, Mexican
Servings 4


  • 3 tbsp olive oil
  • 20 corn tortillas
  • 1.5 cups El Pato or tomato sauce (your preference)
  • 3 cups shredded chicken, cooked
  • 1 cup Mexican blend cheese

Optional Toppings

  • avocado
  • cilantro
  • sour cream


  1. Cut tortillas into 1-2 inch pieces.

  2. Heat olive oil over medium-high heat. Once oil is hot, carefully add tortilla pieces. Toss the pieces so they are mixed well with the oil. Stir occasionally for 5-7 minutes until the tortillas have become golden brown and slightly crispy. (If needed, drizzle a bit more oil over the tortillas as they are cooking to get them extra crispy.)

  3. Once the tortillas are browned, turn down the heat to medium-low. After about a minute, carefully add the tomato sauce and toss with the tortilla pieces so they are all coated. 

  4. Now, add in chicken and cheese. Mix well until the cheese has melted. Remove from heat. Serve immediately and add your toppings of choice!

easy one pan dinner recipe, one pan dinner, chicken enchiladas, chicken dinner, easy dinner recipe



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